What to do if your Number Plates are Stolen!

Aug 16, 2023

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What To Do If Your Number Plates Are Stolen!

It might appear perplexing why criminals target the most economical part of a vehicle, but engaging in the illegal acquisition of license plates is a criminal activity that many individuals inadvertently fall victim to. This phenomenon has various motives, some of which include:

  1. Altering the identity of a vehicle for resale, especially in the case of stolen cars.
  2. Facilitating burglaries, ram-raids, and armed robberies.
  3. Evading payment at petrol stations.
  4. Dodging traffic regulations, red lights, and speeding fines.

As seemingly insignificant as it might be, number plate theft is, in fact, a widespread occurrence that can have significant consequences, even causing legal troubles and unwarranted association with criminal activities.

Theft of Number Plates: Taking Appropriate Measures

In the unfortunate event that you discover your number plates have been stolen, your initial course of action should be to promptly report the incident to the relevant authorities. This typically entails notifying both the DVLA and the police. By doing so, you contribute to alerting law enforcement about the potential misuse of your plates for illicit purposes.

The authorities will offer guidance and assurance, outlining the subsequent legal steps you need to take. Reporting the theft not only shields you from any potential embarrassment or questioning if your plates are linked to a crime, but it also aids in sidestepping fines and penalties.

In situations where personalised license plates are pilfered, it's essential to report the incident to both the police and the DVLA. Additionally, consider applying to retain your personalised number. The DVLA facilitates this process, and you'll be required to furnish evidence of the theft. If you've previously reported the theft to the police, their documentation and a crime reference number can serve as evidence.

Can I Drive if my Number Plates have been Stolen?

The straightforward answer is no. There are no permissible circumstances under which you can legally operate a vehicle on UK roads without a front and rear number plate. Even after reporting the theft to the police, driving without plates remains prohibited. This violation could result in substantial fines, potentially amounting to £1,000. It's advisable to promptly replace stolen plates and refrain from attempting to drive without them.

Replacing Stolen Number Plates

Often, the authorities might not be able to offer significant assistance in the process of acquiring replacement plates. However, replacing your license plates is crucial to maintaining compliance with legal requirements. At Sweven Plates, we specialise in crafting replacement plates that adhere to UK laws and align with current regulations.

Our expedited service ensures your replacement plates are with you as soon as possible, sparing you from any temptation to drive without proper identification. To facilitate this, we'll need proof of identification and entitlement to the registration. This measure prevents the distribution of illegal plates and safeguards against misuse. Accepted documents include a logbook (V5C), driver's license, or passport. Rest assured, all sensitive data is securely discarded from our system after verification.

Minimising the Risk of License Plate Theft: Proactive Steps

While no strategy can guarantee absolute immunity from theft, adopting prudent precautions can significantly reduce the likelihood of falling victim to license plate theft. Consider the following steps:

  1. Whenever feasible, opt for indoor parking, such as a garage.
  2. Choose well-lit and bustling parking areas to deter criminal activity.
  3. Select reputable public parking lots equipped with CCTV surveillance and ample vehicles.
  4. Opt for parking locations with high pedestrian visibility, near building entrances.
  5. Enhance security with anti-theft screw kits, which impede thieves. 

It's vital to implement these measures in your daily routine to fortify your defence against license plate theft. For plate acquisition, prioritise DVLA-registered companies like Sweven Plates. 

While we sincerely hope you're never confronted with license plate theft, if such an unfortunate event occurs, rest assured that we're here to support and assist you in every possible manner!