What is the difference between 3D Gel Number Plates and 4D plates?

Aug 02, 2023

What is the difference between 3D Gel Number Plates and 4D plates? | Sweven Plates - Supplier of 3D Gel and 4D Plates

What is the difference between 3D Gel and 4D plates?

The evolution of number plates has given rise to 3D and 4D plates, both alternatives to the standard number plates introduced in 2001. While standard plates have a uniform and monotonous design with flat printed letters on acrylic, 3D and 4D plates offer a more premium appearance with raised characters that add depth to the plate.

3D Gel number plates are currently more widespread due to their simpler and faster manufacturing process, making them more cost-effective. These plates are crafted by hand using alignment bars, and the raised characters are made from polyurethane, giving them a rounded and glossy appearance for a subtle touch of personalisation.

On the other hand, 4D plates are also handcrafted with alignment bars, but they employ laser-cut acrylic letters, resulting in a more pronounced and rectangular raised profile. 4D plates come in two variations: standard acrylic letters and thicker gel characters, both of which provide a bold and standout look for vehicle personalization.

Cost-wise, 4D plates command a premium of up to 30% over 3D plates due to the more intricate manufacturing process involved in producing laser-cut characters or thicker gel variants. However, both options remain legal as long as they meet the BS AU 145e standards.

In terms of customisability and styles, both 3D and 4D plates offer a variety of choices, including different textures and appearances for the characters. Customers can choose from various options such as 4D 3mm, 4D Gel, Glitter Gel, 4D Carbon Gel, Krystal 4XD, Krystal Gel, Black, Carbon, and Glitter Gel styles.

To determine the best option for your number plate personalisation, consider that 4D plates offer a unique advantage over the more common 3D plates. Both options are superior to standard plates in terms of aesthetics, and as long as they meet the required standards, they make excellent upgrades for any vehicle.

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