Revolutionising Road Safety: The Arrival of Anti-Braking Technology in UK Speed Cameras

Nov 15, 2023

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Revolutionising Road Safety: The Arrival of Anti-Braking Technology in UK Speed Cameras

Next year, significant enhancements to the speed cameras throughout the UK may be implemented, featuring cutting-edge anti-braking technology. Building on successful trials in the Navarra region of North Eastern Spain, these advanced cameras aim to apprehend more drivers violating speed limits, particularly those who excessively decelerate in camera-monitored zones.

The novel technology involves deploying a mobile radar device in a distinct location from the fixed-speed camera. This configuration enables the system to identify drivers who accelerate immediately after passing the initial camera, having initially slowed down merely for the camera's benefit.

The anti-braking systems are designed to capture drivers who fail to notice the camera flash in their rear-view mirror. Gary Digva, Founder of the dash cam company Road Angel, conveyed that, based on available information, this technology is likely to be introduced in the UK around the same time next year.

The primary objective is to curtail the phenomenon of pre-braking commonly observed on motorways. As explained by Digva, when drivers spot a camera on a gantry, they often abruptly hit the brakes, regardless of their current speed. The anti-braking cameras aim to address this by identifying instances where drivers were speeding before encountering the camera, irrespective of subsequent deceleration.

Considering these potential developments, what are your thoughts on the introduction of new anti-braking technology in speed cameras in the UK next year?