How much is my Private Number Plate worth?

May 24, 2023

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Determining the value of your number plate can be approached similarly to assessing the purchase of a personalised plate. Various companies specialise in selling private registrations and would gladly take your plate to sell it to interested buyers.

To discover the worth of your personalised plate, you can utilise online resources that provide free valuations. These websites typically offer a valuation upon completing a form or contacting them directly. It's advisable to seek multiple quotes from different firms, as prices can vary significantly.

Pricing personalised number plates is not an exact science since it ultimately depends on what someone is willing to pay for your unique combination. However, there are certain factors that can increase a plate's desirability and value.

Desirable characteristics of number plates often include:

  • Supply and demand: Plates with combinations of letters and numbers that attract substantial interest tend to command higher prices.
  • Names and initials: Plates containing popular names, initials, or words desired by many individuals for their vehicles tend to be more valuable. Short or abbreviable names often have a large pool of potential buyers and therefore can fetch higher prices.
  • Numbers: The numeral "1" is typically highly sought after, as many aspire to be number one. Additionally, numbers that match car model numbers or resemble certain letters (e.g., BO 55) can be popular when they contribute to spelling out specific words or names.
  • Historical significance: Number plates with notable histories, such as those previously used by celebrities or iconic cars, can become highly sought after. Classic car owners may desire plates that reflect their vehicle's age or regional location.
  • Plate type: Number plates fall into four distinct categories. Dateless plates are often the most expensive, followed by suffix and prefix plates, which indicate the period of issuance. New style registrations (e.g., 55, 15, 73) are also available but bear in mind that it is illegal to imply a newer vehicle age than reality through the plate.

Determining the value of your number plate involves considering these factors, but ultimately, it relies on the market demand and what buyers are willing to pay for your specific plate. To have your number plates valued, you can reach out to reputable well-regarded companies such as RegTransfers, Plates4Less or Absolute Reg.