Can you drive a hired car between countries in Europe?

Jun 05, 2024

Can you drive a hired between countries in Eurpoe? | Sweven Plates (Supplier of 3D Gel Number Plates, 4D Number Plates, Replacement Number Plates, Tinted Number Plates, Carbon Number Plates)

Holidaymakers aiming to make the most of their time away often consider renting a vehicle for convenience and flexibility. But can you travel across borders with a rental car?

Renting a car in a foreign country allows you and your family to explore local attractions more easily. This guide outlines what you need to know about renting a vehicle and traveling across borders.

Documents You Need to Drive in Europe

For British travelers planning to drive in Europe, several documents are essential. Alongside a valid, full UK driving license, you will need:

  • European Breakdown Cover documents
  • Travel insurance information
  • A visa, if required by the destination country
  • Toll road vignettes and emission zone stickers, depending on the country

Always check the official transport rules of the nation you're visiting before you depart.

Driving in Europe Checklist

  • Valid driving license
  • European Breakdown Cover
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa (if required)
  • Toll road vignettes and emission zone stickers

Can I Drive My Hired Car from the UK to Europe?

Yes, despite Brexit, it is still possible to drive a rental car from the UK to continental Europe. Before signing the rental agreement, confirm with the rental company if cross-border travel is permitted or if you need an additional package. Ensure you have appropriate insurance and breakdown cover. The rental company will also specify pick-up and drop-off locations if you wish to start in the UK and finish on the continent.

Hiring a Car in Europe

Renting a car in Europe can enhance your holiday adventure. With numerous companies and deals available, ensure your rental covers all your trip needs, including mileage, space, fuel allowance, and cross-border travel.

  • Choose pick-up and drop-off locations, often available at airports and transport hubs in major cities.
  • If traveling with a large group, consider sharing the driving, though this might affect vehicle selection and cost. Discuss details with the rental company.

Can You Drive a Hired Car Between Countries in Europe?

Yes, you can generally drive a rental car across borders in Europe. Ensure this is confirmed in writing with the rental company and check that your insurance covers all the countries you plan to visit.

Some border crossings require specific documentation and regulations, which need approval from both country officials and the rental company. Contact the embassies of the countries you're visiting for the latest information and check for any extra fees associated with taking the vehicle across borders.