Air-Con Regassing: A Comprehensive Guide

Jan 17, 2024

Air-Con Regassing: A Comprehensive Guide

Is your car's air conditioning not functioning properly? If your vehicle's air-con is faulty or stops working, it may be in need of a regas. The air conditioning in your car plays a crucial role in keeping you cool during the summer and improving the air quality inside your vehicle. While we often take it for granted, a malfunctioning air conditioning system can be a nightmare, especially on scorching days in the British summer.

The good news is that maintaining your air-con doesn't have to be an expensive or challenging task. Check out our comprehensive guide to air-con regassing to learn about the process, whether it's a DIY job, and all the essential information you need to know.

What is regassing?

Regassing involves removing the old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and replacing it with new refrigerant, restoring your air con's ability to cool. If your air-con system isn't blowing as cold as it should, regassing should be the first solution to explore. A specialist can typically complete the process in less than an hour.

While there could be other reasons for your air-con not cooling, a reputable mechanic can advise if it's due to factors other than the need for regassing. For instance, there might be a leak in your system, and you can find more information in our air-con myths article.

Can I regas my air-con system myself?

Although you can purchase air-con regas kits for a DIY attempt, we don't recommend it. These kits are nearly as expensive as hiring a specialist, and any mistakes could result in a costly repair bill. Specialists possess the expertise to check for leaks and other issues with the air-con system, and there are safety considerations as well. Contact with the refrigerant gas can cause painful freeze burns to your skin or eyes.

How do you know when your air-con needs regassing?

The initial sign is that the air blown from the vents isn't as cool as it used to be, or there's no noticeable difference when the AC is switched off. If you can't recall the last regassing, it's likely worth doing. Many specialists also offer free checks if you're uncertain.

How much does an air-con regas cost?

Expect to pay around £50 to £200 for an air-con regas, depending on your system and where you have it done.

How often should you get your air-con regassed?

Most manufacturers recommend servicing your car's air-con every two years, but some people wait until it stops blowing cold air. While this is unlikely to cause harm, a poorly functioning air-con can make winter demisting and engine efficiency more challenging.

Is a regas part of a service?

While routine car servicing is crucial, it usually doesn't cover the air-con system. However, most garages can perform a regas, typically charging around £50. Some companies offer discounts during winter or approaching summer, providing opportunities to save on your air-con regas.

When your car’s air-con undergoes a service, the technician should check the system's lubricant level, replace the old refrigerant gas, and conduct a vacuum test to identify potential cracks or leaks.

What happens if I don’t regas my air-con system?

Failure to regas your air-con system can result in decreased efficiency, making your car uncomfortable in hot weather and slowing down window demisting in winter. Over time, not regassing can lead to cracked pipes and seized-up parts.

What else do I need to consider about my car’s air-con, and how do I maintain it?

In addition to regular regassing, the best way to maintain your air-con is to use it throughout the year. Regularly change the cabin filter and consider an anti-bacterial clean if musty smells emanate from the vents.